Venezuelan Art and Activism. REVERSE Art Gallery. New York. 2016.

Talking with media art students from the School Art Institute of Chicago SAIC as part of the student’s tour organize for the Associate professor and media artist Claudia Hart.

Helena Acosta (NYC)
Violette Bule (NYC)
Miyö Van Stenis (Paris)



Open Engagement. Place and Revolution. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh. 2015.

Helena Acosta (NYC)
Violette Bule (NYC)

¨…The artists who stayed at my house, Helena Acosta and Violette Bule, spoke about teaching photography in Venezuelan prisons. Run by gangs of inmates, the prisons are extremely violent, full of weapons, even guns; their project succeeded when the prisoners took hold of cameras, smiled, stood arm-in-arm, a bunch of buddies sitting around, not gangs of violent men or women, but family. A week or so later the photographic prints were taped up to the inside of cells. The act of taking pictures allowed them to reimagine who they were, to create mirrors of who they wanted to be. And only artists like Helena and Violette could have accomplished this. Revolutionary. In the last several years, the prisons there have grown so dangerous that the project could not be done today. Indeed, both artists are now living in NYC on artist visas, exiled from their country by nearly impossible living conditions, tightened government controls on freedom of speech. They are left wondering how to make work, how to address the context of their country in the US where the public mind and news space is capricious. Thanks to Open Engagement, I met these two artists; we shared coffee and bananas for breakfast. I don’t know if I’ll see them again but I’m grateful for our conversations, the mirror they’ve given me of who I am and who I might be.¨ Kim Beck, Associate Professor of The Center for the Arts and Society at Carnegie Mellon University.


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Prisons and photography: A conversation between San Quentin and Venezuela


Marking Time: Prisons, Art and Activism. Hosted by the Institute Research on WomanRutgers University. New Jersey. 2014.

Helena Acosta (NYC)
Violette Bule (NYC)

PANEL: Photographic Education Program at Penitentiary Centers in Venezuela: From the Lleca to the Cohue (ZMM)
Helena Acosta (Independent Curator)
Violette Bule (Photographer)
Moderator: Katie Mccollough (Rutgers-New Brunswick)


Dismantling the Simulation. Visual Activism and New Media. 2015.

Helena Acosta
Miyö Van Stenis
Violette Bule

Dismantling the Simulation: Visual Activism & New Media
Online Exhibition, Discussion, Performance, and Live Stream
After a year of Venezuelan student protests, guarimbas, and blackouts, our movement The goal is to dismantle the simulation has also had a year of remixing, memeing creating visual content, confronting and debating the political and cultural crisis in Venezuela. Join us for a very special event, online exhibition, and panel discussion #DismantlingTheSimulation, simultaneously occurring in #nyc #ccs #paris. Three cities one goal!

Gala Garrido, Photographer
Nicolas Gerardi, Curator
Jesus Torrivilla, Journalist
Elizabeth Marin, Art Historian
Daniel Esparza, Philosopher
Rafael De Armas, Political Scientist

Caracas: Organización Nelson Garrido
New York: Wendy’s Subway
Paris: Van Stenis Studio