Street Actions

Hack De Patria (HDP) Augmented Reality action featuring Refrakt app. 2015.

This Augmented Reality App Reveals the ‘Truth’ Behind Political Campaigns

Enter augmented reality. Hack De Patria (HDP), a project developed by a Venezuelan experimental activist group and Berlin-based media artists Refrakt, attempts to reveal the “truth” in the campaign ads for Maduro’s Chavismo government and its allies. Point the phone’s camera at a particular campaign logo, and the app reveals more sinister meanings: one logo suddenly reads “Obey and another “Fraud.” READ MORE

Center for Latinoamerican Studies, Casa Romulo Gallegos. Caracas 2015.


Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh. 2015.

Venezuelan Consulate Bogotá, Colombia. 2014.

Venezuelan Embassy Mexico City, 2014.

Monument La Revolución. Mexico City, 2014.

Plaza del Sol, Barcelona Cataluña. 2014.