BabyCastles Gallery. New York. 2017

República Colapsada Vol. 2 is curated by Helena Acosta and Violette Bule. The exhibition is placed in the field of the relationship between art and politics. It creates a critical reflection of the current political and humanitarian crisis the country is facing. On the one hand, the curators examine how art responds to the current political intersections, and on the other hand, they create a visualization platform of contemporary Venezuelan history.

In this way, participating artists develop themes such as corruption, the despotic exercise of power, strategies of humiliation and demoralization of the population, blind submission to power, violence, dismantling of infrastructure and institutions, among others.


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Artists: Maggy Almao, Angela Bonadies, Antonio Briceño, Violette Bule, Deborah Castillo, Max Provenzano, Juan F. Toro, Pepe López, Nelson Garrido, Augusto Gerardi, Nicolás Gerardi, Daniel Hernández, Álvaro González, Antonio Luque, Andreina Mujica, Armando Ruiz, Miyo Van Stenis, María Ángeles Octavio, Luis Poleo, José Perozo, Rolando Peña, Jose Perozo, Irene Pressner, Yaneth Rivas, Carlos Luis Sánchez, César Slim, Alejandro Teixeira.

Photographers: Leonardo Alvarez, Anthony Ascer Aparicio, Elizabeth Alezard, Yarum Briceno, Elyxandro Cegarra, Danny Canro, Amilciar Gualdron, Carlos E Landaeta, Fabiola Ferrero, Christian J Hernandez, Azalia Lincon, Adrian Manzol, Douglas Monroy, Ricardo Marapacuto, Pedro Moreno, Maura Morandi, Juan Parra, Camilo Paparoni, Elena Pastor, Andrés Rosales, Francisco Rizquez, Jaime de Sousa, Jorge Luis Santos, Maria Eugenia Ulivi.

REPUBLICA COLAPSADA VOL. 1 Lite-Haus Gallery. Berlin 2016.

LiTE-HAUS welcomed a trio of Venezuelan art-activists who enlightened us about the volatile socio-economic situation in Venezuela. In three rooms we exhibited three different curatorial themes. Curator Helena Acosta, and artists Violette Bule and Gina Monc – all born and raised in Venezuela – now live in the USA where they have the freedom to speak out against the corruption they have witnessed. Using various mediums and technology, and working with multiple artists and activists, they presented a clear view of the history of the Venezuelan economic and social crisis.

VICE’s The Creators Project wrote an article about the exhibition you can read here .

DISMANTLING THE SIMULATION. Visual Activism & New Media. NY/Caracas. 2015

Online Exhibition, Discussion, Performance, and Live Stream
After a year of Venezuelan student protests, guarimbas, and blackouts, our movement The goal is to dismantle the simulation has also had a year of remixing, memeing creating visual content, confronting and debating the political and cultural crisis in Venezuela. Join us for a very special event, online exhibition, and panel discussion #DismantlingTheSimulation, simultaneously occurring in #nyc #ccs #paris. Three cities one goal!


Deborah Castillo, Augusto Gerardi, Andrea Ludovic, Jimmy Flamante, Ciudadana Cero, Mpeach
Systaime, Maggy Almao, Antoine Marroncles.

Caracas: Organización Nelson Garrido
New York: Wendy’s Subway