Created by Helena Acosta, Violette Bule and Miyö Van Stenis
Dismantling the simulation is an initiative of participatory visual activism. It was born as an experimental Facebook group, a few days after diverse impeachments on violations on Human Rights occurred on the student protests against Nicolas Maduro in February 2014.
Appropriating the already existing social platform, deconstructing the overwhelming reality, assuming a critical posture towards institutionalized media content. Its structure operates rhizomatically, with no controls or hierarchies involved in the decision make it by the members of the group.
It is a collective action that seeks to question and dismantle the different discourses, events and the information distribution schemes operating in Venezuela. The material created by users should be taken as a historical testimony t of the situation in Venezuela in the post-Chávez era. It is a testament of the great communicative power of social networks today.