We are a Venezuelan collaborative group of curators, artists, and writers developing art projects that foster the dialogue about technology, art and the socio-political crisis in Venezuela. We use art and social media as ways to motivate, mobilize, and break the communication hegemony that our government has built over 18 years. 

Founded by 

Helena Acosta. Curator    Violette Bule. Artist   Miyö Van Stenis. Artist

Dismantling the simulation is an initiative of participatory visual activism. It was born as an experimental Facebook group La Meta es Desmontar la Simulacion, and Tumblr Gallery a few days after diverse violations of Human Rights occurred on the student protests against Nicolas Maduro in February 2014. Appropriating the already existing social platform, deconstructing the overwhelming reality, assuming a critical posture towards institutionalized media content. Its structure operates rhizomatically, with no controls or hierarchies involved in the decision make it by the members of the group.

It is a collective action that seeks to question and dismantle the different discourses, events and the information distribution schemes operating in Venezuela. Dismantling the simulation is now a digital guerrilla movement and an online gallery. Our gallery collection it’s a visual document of our recent history told in digital pop language. The movement is an artistic political action that tries to address the following questions: how is life for Venezuelans beyond propaganda? What does it mean to be a Venezuelan when your identity has been intervened by political agenda? How does the Post-Chavez Venezuela look like?

Who we are

Helena Acosta is a New Media Art curator whose work explores the intersection between art, technology, and activism. Her Interest in work on the technological field goes in relation to art and metaphors involving in the Internet Culture. Also, developing projects that foster the dialogue about the socio-political crisis in Venezuela. Founder of visual activism group Dismantling The Simulation.

Violette Bule is a multimedia artist. Her approach to photography has a social character, one of its aspects is concerned about highlighting problematics from my immediate context through fiction, and the other calls for photographic education as a tool of social change. My work goes beyond the documentary record, using stages and humor as a means to channel scathing criticisms and reflections on socio-political situations.

Miyo Van Stenis Artist and curator specialized in New Media Art. Her work explores in the technological field: interfaces, operating systems, software, and devices involved in the Internet but also has a series of projects related to the socio-political crisis in Venezuela.